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The Home Block Pinot Noir burst onto the NZ wine scene when its first release, the 2005 vintage, was named in Bob Campbell’s top 10 Pinot Noirs in Central Otago. Since then it has been one of the most consistently highly rated Pinot Noirs in the region. The Home Block Pinot vines yield intense fruit, winemaker Paul Pujol mustering all he has learnt from his time at noted Oregon producer Rex Hill and in Chambolle-Musigny, Burgundy, to harness the power of his site. It’s an Old-World-Meets-New-World style of Pinot Noir. Structured, savoury and a killer in the cellar.

Medium to full ruby colour with traces of purple and brick-red. The bouquet is reserved and metallic with ironstone and dried-blood nuances, dark plum emerging with airing, and very complex. The wine is full-bodied and savoury, with drying tannins, fleshiness and terrific depth of flavour.

Why we love it: Beaut bottle of Red
Drink with: Beef, veal or game



Exceptional Vintage


Medium Bodied


New Zealand

Blend Info.
100% Pinot Noir
Alcohol by Vol.
Bottle Vol.
Serving Temp.
Now - 2028


‘Prophets Rock’ was founded in 1999 with a singular goal: to find sites in Central Otago like no others and to make wine like no others. Based in the Bendigo subregion of Central Otago, New Zealand, the story started when two vineyards were purchased under the ‘Prophets Rock’ brand: ‘Prophets Rock Home’ Vineyard and ‘Rocky Point Vineyard’. The home block boasts a rare mixture of soils: clay, schist and chalk, while the Rocky Point is (you guessed it) covered in stoney ground on an almost dangerous slope. They are both steep, elevated and distinguished, both contributing to our beloved ‘Prophet’s Rock’ range.

‘Prophets Rock’ are committed to sustainable wine production and like many other New Zealand producers as they not only want the best for the land, but for what ends up in your glass. These practises are applied and adhered to by winemaker Paul Pujol who has distinct training in France’s classical wine regions – specifically Sancerre, Burgundy and Alsace. While having worked around the world, Paul believes that the highlight of his wine career was being invited to work in the 2009 vintage in Chambolle-Musigny in Burgundy. A saying at ‘Prophet’s Rock’ is that the essence of a place can be found inside a glass of wine. This is wholeheartedly true in the ‘Prophet’s Rock’ range, but inside their wines there is something more – the essence of travel, knowledge and as they say “a sensory memory of Paul’s Journey into wine”

Paul’s wines are Riesling, Pinot Noir and our favourite – Pinot Gris. Slowly, gently whole-bunch pressed, followed by long slow ferments in barrel and aging on yeast lees prior to bottling. Wonderfully aromatic, fantastic fruit & spiced aromas. Complex & concentrated with a long dry finish.

For more information on Prophet’s Rock and their wines, visit their website.


The Central Otago Wine Region

Found at the extreme limits of winemaking, Central Otago is found at 44° and 45° south and is home to some of the most southerly vineyards the world has to offer. Boasting breathtaking landscapes and an extreme climate, the local economy has garnered global recognition for its merino wool. However, over the previous decade, the majority of land has been shifted away from pasture, to being under vine.

Find out more information on the Central Otago Wine Region here.

Central Otago Wine Region’s History

In 1996 Otago only had 11 vineyards, while today the region has a legion over 100 strong. The incredibly balanced styles of wine that flow from the region aren’t something to be missed. Central Otago wine region is the first in the world to challenge Burgundy’s production of Pinot Noir.

Wine Sub-Regions

Central Otago’s four primary sub-regions are Wanaka, Gibbston, Bannockburn and Alexandra. While all are situated relatively close together and each has the same stony free-draining soil base, their full profiles vary immensely. However, they are glacially derived and have rich deposits of mica and schist making it ideal for the production of Pinot Noir, which just happens to be 80% of the production there.

Growing Conditions

The excellent drainage helps retain mineral richness whilst temperatures can vary from 30degrees during ripening days to only 8degrees overnight. This swift shift allows the grape ripening process to stop more suddenly overnight, thus retaining all the wonderful natural acidity and fruit concentration this region can offer. To us this provides Central Otago with an intensely fruit-forward character no other region of New Zealand can replicate. Autumn frosts are a risk here too, so it’s just as well the growers down here have their wits about them…

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