Burn Cottage Riesling/Grüner Veltliner 2019



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The Grüner Veltliner offers attractive aromas of beeswax and white pepper coupled with a zesty lime flower and lemon curd from the Riesling. Rich on the palate, well-balanced and bright with acidity. Lovely lingering finish.

Why we love it: Dessert in a bottle.
Drink with: Lemon sponge cake.
Central Otago
Blend Info.
Riesling / Grüner Vetliner
Alcohol by Vol.
Bottle Vol.
Serving Temp.
7 - 12 °
Now - 2023


‘Burn Cottage’ is a Central Otago producer whose reputation for creating incredible wines is only exceeded by the wines themselves. Established in 2002 by Marquis & Dianne Sauvage, the site was highly desirable. Unbeknownst to the couple a few other prominent Central Otago wineries were interested in the site as well. Lucky for New Zealand (and the rest of the world) the Sauvages won out and established the legacy that is ‘Burn Cottage’.

Burn Cottage Biodynamic Wine

Right from the word go biodynamic farming techniques were applied to the farm and land, a first by anybody in the region who attempted to do so. Many believed this wouldn’t be possible, however the Sauvages had assembled the “Avengers” of the wine world, those who were able to make his dream a reality.

One of those team members included winemaker Ted Lemon. Again unbeknownst to the Sauvages, Ted already had deep connections to New Zealand, more specifically Central Otago and was immediately sold about coming on board the moment he saw the site.

A mantra ‘Burn Cottage’ lives by is that great wine is not made from fruit: but from the soils and land that feed the vines. Unlike many other New World Producers they believe they actually make wine from the Vineyard blocks (as opposed to their grapes) each with their own character and sense of expression.

Burn Cottage Pinot Noir

One of the things that makes ‘Burn Cottage’ so unique is that they specialise in Pinot Noir – making only 3 different styles. They are the classic ‘Vineyard Pinot Noir’, the ‘Valli vineyard Pinot Noir’ and the ‘Moonlight Race Pinot Noir’. Another real special drop, a must try in our opinion, is their ‘Riesling Grüner Veltliner’. Unmissable and unrivaled.

For more information on Burn Cottage and their wines, you can visit their website here.


The Central Otago Wine Region

Found at the extreme limits of winemaking, Central Otago is found at 44° and 45° south and is home to some of the most southerly vineyards the world has to offer. Boasting breathtaking landscapes and an extreme climate, the local economy has garnered global recognition for its merino wool. However, over the previous decade, the majority of land has been shifted away from pasture, to being under vine.

Find out more information on the Central Otago Wine Region here.

Central Otago Wine Region’s History

In 1996 Otago only had 11 vineyards, while today the region has a legion over 100 strong. The incredibly balanced styles of wine that flow from the region aren’t something to be missed. Central Otago wine region is the first in the world to challenge Burgundy’s production of Pinot Noir.

Wine Sub-Regions

Central Otago’s four primary sub-regions are Wanaka, Gibbston, Bannockburn and Alexandra. While all are situated relatively close together and each has the same stony free-draining soil base, their full profiles vary immensely. However, they are glacially derived and have rich deposits of mica and schist making it ideal for the production of Pinot Noir, which just happens to be 80% of the production there.

Growing Conditions

The excellent drainage helps retain mineral richness whilst temperatures can vary from 30degrees during ripening days to only 8degrees overnight. This swift shift allows the grape ripening process to stop more suddenly overnight, thus retaining all the wonderful natural acidity and fruit concentration this region can offer. To us this provides Central Otago with an intensely fruit-forward character no other region of New Zealand can replicate. Autumn frosts are a risk here too, so it’s just as well the growers down here have their wits about them…


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