Neudorf Home Block Moutere Chardonnay 2019



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Planted in 1978, Home Block Mendoza has baby roots at nearly four meters deep into Moutere Clays. In summers like 2019, this depth allowed the Neudorf team to continue to dry farm, resulting in a concentrated, refined chardonnay that speaks wonderfully of its place.

There is great typicity to this wine.

There are wild summer herbs, gentle white florals and hints of fresh brioche. The cohesion in this Moutere Chardonnay is what makes it special. It has a welcoming curvy mouthfeel but wrapped in a shall of gentle acidity. Not one note is out of line – there is oak entwined with fruit, laced together with oyster shell minerality.

A refined and elegant chardonnay with stature and grace. It is an experience to drink and truly lives ups to its reputation as a world class example of this grape.

Why we love it: A bright, energetic, sophisticated Chardonnay, destined for greatness.
Drink with: Vegetarian or Salmon

Exceptional Vintage


Medium Bodied


Medium Dry


New Zealand




We Love

Blend Info.
100% Chardonnay
Alcohol by Vol.
Bottle Vol.
Serving Temp.
7 - 12°
Now - 2030


Neudorf Wine Vineyards

‘Neudorf Vineyards’ is a Nelson based winery creating wonderful New Zealand Wine. Well loved by us here at Specialist Cellars and regarded as one of New Zealand’s treasured Chardonnay and Pinot Noir producers. Tim and Judy Finn planted vines back in 1978. They did this not really knowing what would work but persevering, with trials and errors and loving every learning curve along the way.

Thankfully their determination paid off and four decades later Neudorf came to be. It is moving from strength to strength as each vintage goes on.

Soil of Neudorf

The Neudorf vineyard is on gravelly soils of an ancient river system. This combined with Nelson’s gentle climate and Neudorf’s non interventionist winemaking produce creates unique flavours. With wines of clarity and distinction. Winemaker Todd Stevens follows structure & texture over flavour. In the Moutere vineyard viticulturist Stef Brockley follows an organic regime with intense hand work. The 35-hectares under vine are hand thinned, leaf plucked and hand picked.

Wine Portfolio

While Neudorf’s portfolio boasts seven different varietals, there are multiple brands and bottles under these grapes.


As said, their Chardonnays are of world class level with the ‘Rosie’s Block’ being distinctive, luscious and mineral.

Moutere Chardonnay

The ‘Moutere Chardonnay’ is incomparable in flavour, being tactile and rich.

Block Pinot Noir

Tom’s Block Pinot Noir is supple, silky and pure.

Sauvignon Blanc

Their Sauvignon Blanc is a more refined version than other kiwi Savs.

Moutere Albarño

The Moutere Albariño requires trying in order to fully understand it.

What Neudorf Say

As Judy says “Making wine is constantly scary and stimulating. We survive on hard work, high hopes and a dollop of common-sense and cunning”. Check out Neudorf’s website here.


Dwarfed by the dominant surrounding regions such as Marlborough, Nelson is often overlooked. But when one takes the time to explore both wine and country, Nelson is a delightful find. Acting as a gateway to the Abel Tasman and Kahurangi National park, stunning scenery, nature walks and hiking trails are something Nelson has to spare.

The unique topography of the area provides many benefits for vintners, the mountain range that envelopes the area, covering the west, south and east provides fantastic protection from the prevailing westerly winds. The result of which is a climate that is far calmer compared to the neighbouring regions that sit outside of the ranges protection. Although the ranges do cause a far higher rate of rainfall compared to Marlborough. Luckily this is countered by the increased daylight exposure resulting from the regions northern location.

Nelsons two sub-regions are Waimea Plains and the Upper Moutere hill country. The plains and Marlborough are very similar in character, although the plains gravelly silt loams have a higher clay content leading to high water retention and core minerality provoking light aromatic wines. While the gravel threaded clay of the Upper Moutere hill country produces rich, complex wines with fantastic texture.

Nelson has seen a steady increase in plantings over the previous 20 years, although suitable land is becoming scarce, not only driving up the cost of production but also limiting the future growth potential of the region.

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