Sauvignon Blanc substitutes: the SC guide

Alternatives to Sauvignon Blanc, that don’t skip out on freshness and flavour.

Everyone loves a Sauvignon. In fact, we love it so much that we’re dedicating an entire month to it.

But, we know that sometimes, you want to branch out. So, here’s our handy guide to the best Sauvignon Blanc substitutes on the market. These wines still deliver the same fab mix of tartness, freshness, and tropical flavour. But, they’re all a little more ‘outside the box’.


Sauvignon Blanc substitute #1: Albarino

Often grown by the sea, Albarino really packs a punch with its flavours: ripe peach, melon and salinity, all rounded out with a HEAP of acidity. Try the Nautilus Albarino, a limited-edition wine from Marlborough. It’s SO zingy, and packed full of white florals, apricot, and fresh mandarin flavours.

Sauvignon Blanc substitute #2: Verdelho

We LOVE Verdelho. It produces wines with high acidity and zesty, aromatic flavours. Sounds just like Sauvignon, right? They’ve even got a tropical character, with lots of guava, pineapple, lime blossom, and melon notes. We’re huge fans of the Tyrrell’s Old Winery Verdelho. As well as tropical fruits, it’s got lifted spice aromas, and a crisp lemony finish. Mmm.

The Tyrrell’s Old Winery Verdelho is a fantastic Sauvignon Blanc substitute

Sauvignon Blanc substitute #3: Wurzer

A VERY unusual one here. There are just a handful of producers across the world who plant Wurzer. Which we feel is unfair. These wines are astoundingly aromatic – making them a great alternative to Sauvignon Blanc. They’re full of elderflower, citrus, herbaceous and stone fruit flavours, with some spice, too. Give the Seifried Wurzer a go! Gorgeously fragrant and inviting, it’s full of floral, rosewater characters, with summer peach and even some marshmallow notes.

Sauvignon Blanc substitute #4: Gruner Veltliner

Fresh grapefruit, citrus, white pepper – no, it’s not Sauvignon Blanc, but Gruner Veltliner. This traditionally Austrian favourite is making waves on New World shores, and for good reason. It’s fun, tongue-tingling, fresh, and zesty! Try the Burn Cottage version – it’s blended with Riesling, which adds in even more lemon curd and zingy lime flower notes.

Sauvignon Blanc substitute #5: Gewurztraminer

OK, something a little different. Gewurztraminer doesn’t strictly have the same flavour profile as SB. BUT, it is a really aromatic grape, and produces fabulously interesting wines. Often, it’s described as tasting like lychee and other tropical fruits. Test out the Millton Riverpoint Gewurztraminer: there are peach flavours, wonderful length, wild flower aromas, and a zippy acid line to enjoy. Wonderful stuff.

Gewurztraminer wines have an unusual flavour profile of lychee and tropical fruit

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